See we can make some profound statements like the best of them and you can dismiss it all as preachy nonsense. However , the fact remains that if you want to get somewhere fast then you need to find out who you are. Not who your parents want you to be, or you dreamt of being. Who you really are. Here is some help!

How do you react to restrictions?

No rules for me

No rules for me

Ask yourself, what you’ll do if something is outlawed for you. Do you want to do it even more or do you stop doing it? This will tell you about your character and how you are from within. Try it, you’ll not regret it. 

AWhat is your personal threshold to become a monster?

Hulk smash

Hulk smash

What makes you turn green? What makes you go out of control? Is there an area of your life where you feel like a monster? It tells about your general state of mood and temper. Go on, ask yourself.

What would you like to do on a free afternoon?

Tell me please

Tell me please

If you get a free afternoon, what you’ll do? Will you go out with friends or spend it with your pillow, relaxing on the bed? To get familiar with your interests is the step towards knowing yourself more.

How do you react to not having your usual creature comforts?

I cant adjust here

I can’t adjust here

What will you do if things change suddenly and things that you are used to suddenly disappear? Will you adjust or be quietly miserable, or just turn into an absolute brat?


What happens when something gets lost?

No more patience

No more patience

Do you have that much patience to look for a small thing which is lost for hours? Ask yourself, consider it as a patience test.

How do you treat your competition?

Lets fight

: Let’s fight

Now this is important as it states your confidence level and willpower, so do you treat your competition with respect or do you try to humiliate them?

Are you humble?

Dont worry, Im here

Don’t worry, I’m here

To do something for others is a good deed, so do you believe in it? Are you humble enough to work for others, forgetting about yourself? Man! Your personality and character depend on this question.