Premium And Exclusive Gets A New Definition With These World's Most Expensive Materials

What is the most expensive material on this Earth? Some would say, gold, some platinum and some diamond. But what if we tell you that some things are worth more than their weight in gold, and we mean literally. Yes, that's true. 

Click through to find out the world's most expensive materials and what really makes them so damn pricey.

1. Antimatter

1 gram’s cost  of Antimatter is equivalent to 3,12,500 billion rupees and according to reports, it is the most expensive product in the world. It is utilized as fuel in rockets traveling to outer space and other planets.

2. Californium 252

Another extremely expensive substance is Californium. The cost of one gram of Californium 252 is more than 1 billion 82 crore rupees and is generally used to start any nuclear reaction.

3. Diamond

Diamond is perhaps the costliest substance in the world. The cost of 1 gram of diamond is more than 36 lakhs 99 thousand rupees. Now you know, why it's called the girl's best friend?

4. Tritium

Remember the thing that Doc Ock wanted in Spiderman 2? Tritium is a radioactive form of hydrogen, used in research, fusion reactors and neutron generators. The cost of 1 gram of tritium is more than 20 lakh rupees.

5. Taaffeite

Taaffeite is a very rare beryllium magnesium aluminum mineral which is only used as a gemstone. 1 gram of this stone is more than 13 lakh 45 thousand rupees.

6. Painite

Painite is a very rare borate mineral which was first used in X-ray structure. 1 gram of Painite is more than 6 lakh rupees.

7. Plutonium

It is believed that Plutonium was found 80 million years ago and is used as a long-lived heat and power source for space journeys. It is also an all iportant part of nuclear weapons. 1 gram of plutonium is more than 2 lakh 69 thousand rupees.

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