The big fat Indian wedding has been a source of complete entertainment for just about every guest. The only people who look miserable and stressed out are the parents and the bride and groom. From gossip, to food to fashion show, there is nothing that can steal the limelight from a wedding. But how do you capture the fun moments that you can later share on FB? Here are some ideas that can help. 

1. Find your cousins and dance



Shake it!

And make sure you are being clicked while doing the same!

2. Click weird photos with your friends



And splash them all over the social media!

3. Click photos of people when they are eating



So that you can embarrass them later!

4. Have weird conversations with relatives


Yes, cheap.

And make them realize that both of you are definitely related!

5. Create some drama with a bit of he-said-she-said


Drama queen!

So that you can laugh over it later! But make sure it cannot be traced back to you.

6. Annoy people who annoy you


That’s right!

Tell them the next wedding will be theirs!

7. Gossip with your parents


Yes mom!

They always have the best dirt on the family members.

8. Collect all the money people throw on the stage



And become so much richer!

9. Tell everyone you’re becoming a lawyer


Tch, tch!

And you will handle this divorce!

10. Tell people you don’t believe in marriage

giphy (6)

is it?

And that this one is doomed too!