Are You An Obsessed Pet Owner Like Lilly Singh (Superwoman) And These Other People?

Those of us who have pets do love them; consider them a part of the family. This is fine and it shouldn’t be any other way. If one is not prepared to love and care for their pet, they shouldn’t have a pet at all IMHO. But there are some rather strange things that people do for their pets which places that behavior in the realm of obsession. Are you an obsessed pet owner? Lillly Singh's sketch does a hilarious takedown of such obsessive pet owners.

The baby talk

We’ve all encountered those crazy pet owners who infantilize their pets and baby talk. Maybe the pet hates it and is doing doggie eye roll that the pet owner can’t see!

The humanising

They insist that their pet gets angry, annoyed, offended and even sulk; experiencing the entire range of human emotions. When their cat falls accidentally on the piano, they think the cat is actually a feline Mozart!

Doggie parties – really?

So there are dog birthday parties and cat play dates. Here’s a heads-up – that dog has no clue why you're humiliating her with that cap. She just wishes you’d get on with the cake cutting.

Pet weddings – REALLY!

Here’s another heads-up: in the animal world, it is known as mating! Must you push human morality down the gullet of that poor dumb beast who, I will hasten to add is showing tremendous forbearance in the face of your extreme stupidity!

The pictures

Your social network is full of pet pictures, all your selfie include your ‘baby’. If one wants you to take their picture, all they have to do is stand next to your pet while they're doing something – anything – and you will oblige. Willingly and unquestioningly.

The clothes

Sure you think she looks cute. But spare a thought for your pet – all her friends are laughing at her! Besides that skirt makes her butt look big – how unforgivable of you to make such an unflattering sartorial choice!

Talking to the pet

It isn’t just the baby talk – there are detailed reports of the day at office, discussions about friends, arguments about food choices and analysis of current events – all carried out as one sided conversations with that long suffering pet who looks on – patiently, resignedly and probably fearing for your mental health.

The pet is the best friend – literally!

Yes you love your pet – we get that. Good for you! But if your pet is really your best friend and this is your idea of the ideal Saturday night, that is just a wee bit pathetic.

Telling stories – unprompted, endlessly!

Your pet did that? Fascinating! But no one really asked. And just for the record your dog chasing its own tale is not extraordinarily adorable; it just means that your pet is not very bright.

And this is Lilly Singh with her new dog

Referring to the pet as her child, the baby talk, the pioritisation of the pet over all else, the endless photo sessions and the humanising of the pet may be oh-so-cute and funny as Lilly Singh seems to think… or not!

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