Abish Mathew Offers Much Needed Sexual Health Gyaan in a Fun Video!

Let's do it! What? The sexual health check! And whatever else!!!

We Indians are inordinately prudish about discussing anything relating to sex, and when it comes to sexual health problems, the squeamish silence surrounding it becomes quite deafening! Any sexual problem is at first refused to be acknowledged; then if acknowledged, is swept under a shroud of secrecy. In this environment of denial, standup comic Abish Mathew touched on this ‘forbidden’ subject. As a matter of fact, it won't be wrong to say that India’s standup comics are doing a far better job of drawing attention to social fault lines, political opportunism and our many deep-rooted hypocrisies, than much of our so-called free press. 

Don't quack up!

According to one report, for every one person who goes to a qualified sexologist to seek treatment, a hundred others visit quacks instead. Posters such as these and numerous scrawled messages on walls that promise to cure are common and end-up misleading people. Those who choose to visit such unqualified, possibly dangerous quacks for their ‘gupt rog’ (secret disease or the umbrella term used to describe sexual problems), are at a greater risk of further aggravating their problems. 

Tent of Doom!

Spookily lit, ramshackle stalls such as these with some vaguely religious music emanating from them, are a common sight in and around Delhi. They claim to offer ‘cheap and best’ ‘solutions’ to every problem under the sun – from skin disorders to pneumonia, to menstrual problems, to sexual dysfunction and hold your breath… to homosexuality!

The video reminds us…

…that anyone can get an STD or a Sexually Transmitted Disease – that it is not something that occurs only to ‘bad’ people, or those from underprivileged or poor families. So were you thinking otherwise? 

“Treat it like a cold”

There’s a fresh perspective – 'it’s like your crotch sneezing'! Sexual problems need not be hidden as shameful secrets. Treat it like any other health problem with troublesome symptoms and find a solution to it! The good doctor makes it sound that simple; perhaps it is, if you overcome the taboo and take responsibility for your and your partner's sexual health. 

Some more 'did you knows?'

Many people tend to have a rather nebulous idea about sexual health problems; not even knowing that there happen to be many out there; varied types of problems. And the video emphasises on getting tests done every six months. Sexual health is truly that important!

Brushing up your sexual health IQ!

Sure you know, but just in case you didn't. The video offers some simple guidelines – using protection, regular testing and some less simple solutions – getting rid of the stigma and silence that surrounds STDs in general. The video informs about contraceptives, especially emergency contraceptives and their wise and correct use. Check out the video for yourself and up for sexual IQ folks. 

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