Disney Characters And Their Simplistic Way Of Teaching The Most Important Things

We all love Disney and not just because of their bright imagery or their cute characters, but their simple way of touching our hearts. The feel good factor that can turn your day around and give you hope even in the darkest hours. Yes, it makes us smile and silently teach us things that we have forgotten. From the forgetful Dory to the roaring Simba, let's catch up and learn a bit from them.

1. Olaf

This happy little snowman did more than just warm our hearts. He taught us the importance of loving unconditionally, and putting the needs of those you love above your own.

2. Simba

He grew from a cute little cub into a grand lion, all the way teaching us the importance of being brave and working through difficult times.

3. Belle

She taught us to love someone for who they truly are, and not what they look like. The importance of not being shallow was never emphasised so well.

4. Shrek

Our ogre friend taught us to persevere and work for whatever we want in life, and stick up for the people we love. He rescued the princess, and kept his friends safe.

5. Peter Pan

The importance of innocence brought to you by Neverland. Always keep your inner child alive and always have fun.

6. Tinkerbell

That size doesn’t matter. She taught us that it doesn’t really matter how big or small you are, if you set your mind to something, nothing can stop you.

7. Rapunzel

To leave your comfort zone, and fight for whatever you really know. She also taught us the importance of discovering your true self.

8. Dory

This little blue fish showed us how important it was to be a good friend, and to always be helpful whenever you can. Where would Nemo be without her?

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