7 Signs You Cannot Imagine Your Life Without WhatsApp

Imagine a day without Whatsapp? Does it not seem like a bad idea to even think about think! If you answered it with a yes, then you're surely addicted to WhatsApp and cannot imagine your life without it! Well, just to be sure, here're a few signs that'll prove it for you!

1. Your Decisions Are Made On WhatsApp Groups

You do not even apply the nail color without asking your best friends on the group, let alone making some major decision! 

2. You Reply Within 20 Seconds

You do not take more than 20 seconds to reply on WhatsApp even when you're sleeping. One notification bell and you check it just then!

3. The WiFi Stories

When thing interrupts the WiFi connection in the middle of a chat, you get extremely annoyed!

4. You're Always Online

Always, even at odd hours like 3 AM and hence you're that friend in the group who gives best advises at the late hours. 

5. If The Hotel Does Not Give You Free WiFi

Before anything else, you check whether the hotel inclusions includes free WiFi, and if it is slow or the connection is interrupted you go m-a-a-a-a-d-d-d!! 

6. The Random Stalking

Okay, everyone does that, but the crazy ones do that at least five times in a day. You check out the display pictures and statuses of everyone in your WhatsApp contact list!

7. When Mommy Asks You To Leave Your Phone At Home

Even going to give an examination, you do not leave your phone at home because that would mean living without WhatsApp for good amount of time!

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