The sale season is around the corner and temptations are all over the place. If you’re walking down the road, there are billboards that tell you about clearance sales, mega discounts, and of course, there's the Christmas and winter sale that's on. You’re online and targeted ads lure you into clicking on adverts for clothing websites, or online furniture and jewellery stores. The wide array of choices and easy accessibility makes us spend a fortune on things we didn’t need in the first place; make purchases that result in regret and clutter around the house. Here are tips to fight that desire and ways to avoid mindless shopping:

Make a list, stick to it

When you go shopping, take along a list of things you actually need. Stick to the list. Don’t even visit the aisles that stock needless stuff, so that you are 'not' persuaded to make impulse purchases.

Choose quality over quantity

Remind yourself that a few good quality items are better than lots of cheap and cheerful ones. You do have to pay more for quality, but having to shell out more will be another reason that will temper your profligacy.

Do you need it?

It may be a great deal. It may be very attractive. But pause for a bit and ask yourself, if you really need it. Do you even have space for it in your home/closet/showcase/wall/fridge? If the answer to either question is 'no', the decision is made for you.


Would you rather splurge on that designer outfit now or would you rather save for the Europe trip, you’ve been planning for your family? What really is your priority and what is the best way to spend that amount of money you have in hand/account right now?

Is it your style?

Sure that yellow outfit was stunning on her and he really seemed to be able to carry off a purple blazer. But don’t imagine that it will do the same for you. Visualise yourself in the outfit. If it is a perfume, use the tester and live with it for a day. Buy only that which suits you, your body type and style. If you make your purchase based on extraneous factors, you’re yet another fashion victim! And BTW that disaster of a sari Sonam’s in? That is no one’s style.

Take along a spotter

When you go shopping, ensure that you’re not tired or hungry. Research shows that these factors influence you to make poor choices. Also take along a buddy who will caution you against unwise, unnecessary and outright stupid purchases.