If you’ve ever travelled to the United States or the United Kingdom, you’d know just how difficult (and annoying) getting a visa can be. For those who don’t have an existing and valid visa for these countries, they’d have to start planning their trip months in advance. Considering all the hassles involved with applying for a visa, here are 6 countries that don’t require a visa before you travel –


The beautiful Arab kingdom in the Middle East offers visa on arrival to potential tourists. From visiting Petra, the 2000 year old ancient rock city, to exploring Mount Nebo, Jordan has a lot to offer.



If you’ve ever been intrigued by the mystical ruins of Cambodia, then you’d be pleased to know that visiting this exotic country does not require a visa as you’ll get one on arrival.



The Island country located in the South Pacific Ocean is often labelled as one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world. As such, newlywed couples would be even more pleased to know that one doesn’t require a visa in advance to visit Fiji.



One of the most common tourist destinations for Indians, Indonesia offers tourists visa on arrival. So if you want to visit the Uluwatu temple, scale Mount Bromo or explore the Ubud monkey forest, you can do so without any hassles.


Hong Kong 

A shopper’s paradise, travelling to Hong Kong does not require any visa whatsoever if you are staying less than 14 days. So the next time you feel like visiting Disneyland or the Ocean Park, remember travelling to Hong Kong is easy.



And we round up our list with Maldives, the gorgeous island country that warrants a visit just for its tropical beauty and exotic beaches.