Shah Rukh in 40s, Alia in 20s And Yet 'Dear Zindagi' CHANGES Bollywood. How?

Dear Zindagi is a much awaited film, releasing this November with Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt in the lead roles. Yes, the first reaction is, what an odd couple. But are they a couple? In an interview Alia stated, "There are people who ask me, ‘Love story nahi hai?’ and I’m like, ‘Toh? Sirf love stories hi bante hai Bollywood mein?" And this is how precisely, this movie promises to be a game changer. Catch the reasons on, why this movie should be on your bucket list this year. 

1. The SRK-Alia Pairing

The quintessential king of romance against the cutesy Bollywood diva will surely create a spark together! However, we'll see SRK as a coach for the aspiring filmmaker Alia, who would teach her the work-life balance! But, their chemistry on stage is a sure shot reason to watch this most awaited movie of the year!

2. The Power-Packed Performance by Alia

It will be the first time we'll see her as a lead protagonist in the movie. She has already proved the prowess of her acting abilities in movies like Highway and Udta Punjab. In 'Dear Zindagi', she will be playing the character of an aspiring filmmaker who will overcome all the challenges to reach the top!

3. The Return Of Gauri Shinde

Gauri Shinde is one of the few directors who weave dreams on the screen. She makes the film look extremely relatable to the audience and touch billions of hearts with their superbly awesome direction! So, she is all set to make her comeback with 'Dear Zindagi' after having delivered a promising debut with 'English-Vinglish'! 

4. Four Hunks Together

Okay, not one, not two, but these four of the extremely talented stars except Shah Rukh Khan will be sharing the celluloid screen in 'Dear Zindagi'! So, apart from the great script, you can also expect the power-packed performances of all these stars in the movie! 

5. A Woman-Oriented Movie

Of late, Bollywood has delivered impeccable women-oriented movies like Queen, Kahani, English-Vinglish, Fashion, Heroine, to name a few. 'Dear Zindagi' will also be one such inspirational movie showcasing a fresh perspective on celluloid!! 

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