I Don't Have To Look For Trouble, Trouble Finds Me: 10 Signs This Is Your Story

Have you ever felt like there is a ticking time bomb inside you that can go off any instant? Yes, trouble has a magnetic attraction towards you and no matter how much you want to escape it, there it is.... always in front of you. Sounds familiar? Even if you are saying, not exactly, here are 10 signs that will really confirm this. 

Where did I keep it? 

Keep things safe in an extremely important place and then forget where that IMPORTANT place was. 

No matter how hard I try my bank balance is gone mid month

You are in serious trouble then !

I am stuck in my past

A broken heart and a bad past needs to be forgotten. Oh but it is so difficult is it not?

I have OCD about people and things

What is he doing? Whom is she talking to? Where is she going? Why is this not kept in it's place? Why are the booking not confirmed...and so on.

I work very hard and party even less

This makes you dull. You know it and can do nothing about it! 

I sometimes get drunk and call my ex every single time

Getting embarassed the next day, every single time! 

I do not socialize much

You prefer to stay alone most of the time. Even in a group you tend to feel out of place and prefer the silence of the bathroom.

I am the senti type

You may act tough but actually you are mush inside. Maybe it's time to toughen up.

Trouble finds me

One thing after another, you are always in a mess. 

I am just a bit absent minded

Lack of energy or lack of interest or too many things on your mind, makes you forget things faster. 

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