If you are a movie buff like me, you probably love watching movies every weekend with your family and friends, and your room is full of posters of your favorite movies! You maybe also remember some dialogues by heart…but did you know that some of these posters have actually been copied from Hollywood? Take a look!

1. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara


ZNMD, amazing!

A truly unique cinematic experience, this movie actually revitalized societal norms. If only it had an original poster!


2. Mausam



Oh no!

Pankaj Kapur’s masterpiece had a poster that was copied from the evergreen classic, Titanic!


3. Ugly aur Pagli


Why would you do that?

This laugh riot was copied from it’s equally hilarious Hollywood counterpart.


4. Hiss 



Why, Mallika? Why?


5. Anjana Anjani 


So cute, though!

Not only was this adorable movie copied from the Hollywood romcom ‘Serendipity’, it’s poster was copied from another movie as well!


6. Hulchul


Comedy no more

This poster of the Kareena Kapoor masala-comedy was shamelessly copied from ‘My big fat Greek wedding’!


7. Drona


Such a bad replica

Prince of Persia…sigh!


8. Ra One


So sad, SRK

The most expensive Bollywood film using the cheapest tactics! Come on!


9. Heroine



Kareena Kapoor blew everybody’s mind with her amazing performance..and so did this copied poster!


10. Naksha


What a copy!

Not heard of the movie? Now you have. Not expected from you, Sunny Paaji!


Author Name: Garima Virmani

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