Want the iPhone 7? Here Are 12 Reasons You Don’t!

Now that all the initial gushing and cooing about the latest launch from the Apple stables has died down, let us examine whether you really want to get yourself the new iPhone 7 or 7 plus. Do you really need a device that costs so much, which does mostly what a bunch of other phones do and which, let’s just take a deep breath and say it…doesn’t really look that good either? 

Let’s get this one out of the way…

Yes, iPhone 7 has no headphone jack. Wonderful! You create something where something we need is missing and expect people to be grateful? Because wireless is the way to go? Supposedly? Predictably, the sarcastic responses were rife.

No you cannot charge your phone and use headphones at the same time...

....Because Apple said so! That's why!

Some people decided to save themselves some money….

Like this!

iPhone 7 is yet another way to be omitted…

iPhone 7 is yet another way to be omitted… …but feel grateful to be included in the club of iPhone users who are happy to pay more for a device that will not Bluetooth pair with others, not let you port your music, not use a universal charger, etc, etc.

It’s expensive

You’ll probably have to sell your car to buy it (just as well it has so many apps to help us run, walk, hike).

It continues to make you buy into the “if it’s that expensive it must be good” myth

So this guy was talking about iPhone 6 but he (and a million others) are forwarding the same joke about iPhone 7.

The guys at Apple haven’t been listening

We asked for wireless charging; they gave us these… these mini hair dryers! I have trouble keeping track of my phone; these I would lose faster than the money disappearing from my account buying these things. Almost.

Now there are no earphone wires

...To save your phone when it falls!

Into this!

cordless earphones

However ….there are all these great places where you can try and fish out your cordless earphones from… a brand new hobby!

There is no real design update

There has been no real design upgrade. Apple says it’s their don’t fix what ain’t broke philosophy. I say lazy.

Waterproof? Only kind of

So Apple finally caught up with features top line Sony and Samsung phones have offered for ages. They made a waterproof phone. But only kind of. Several phones on the market fit the 'waterproof' tag more accurately.

Still want that expensive, not so different, inadequate phone?

These guys are still laughing as lines lengthen in New York stores and Indians feverishly preorder theirs.

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