There are two new contenders in the selfie phone market and everybody is going crazy about them. So what's so different about these phones? To make it simple, these phones are meant for all selfie lovers rather than people who actually buy a phone to call. Isn't it something that's taken as obvious and not the most important thing on the phone. So, strong network connection, voice clarity are things of the past. Now, which phone can give you the most awesome Instagram sharable pics. The answer is these new babies. Check out the cool and awesome features and decide which one you are taking home. 

The selfie monster

The selfie monster

Sony Xperia is simply larger than life

This thing is big, don’t imagine it any other way. As should be obvious in the photos, it’s something of a palm stretch, in spite of the fact that what inspires the most is that it is so natural to wrap your hand around it. I’m not saying that it’s comfortable, but at the same time the edge to edge display allows for a larger screen in a chassis that you might see on a 5.5-inch display phone.

Another Sony Wonder

Another Sony Wonder

Cool specs to look forward to

The Full HD screen is truly clear as well, with Sony utilizes its tech smarts to make everything look fresh and clear. It’s not got the clarity of something like the Google Nexus 6P, however, in the meantime, we’re expecting a less expensive cost for the Xperia XA Ultra. The specs aren’t too awful for a phone meant for the youth audience (where you’d anticipate that the cost will be a little lower) with a Helio P10 CPU on board from Mediatek, 3GB of RAM and 16GB inbuilt memory- which can be extended utilizing a MicroSD card.

Its pretty good looking too

It’s pretty good looking too

Tragically, that is not adaptable to give you a chance to extend the inside memory for expanded application storage, however Sony says’ that they are looking at the tech bit at the moment. Those inside specs have a two day battery life – it’s difficult to accept numerous phones can coordinate that number right now, however, it will be great to see if Sony has compromised on something to achieve that battery life.

Now the Oppo F1 Plus

Another big entry into the selfie phone category is the Oppo F1 Plus. The phone loaded with a 16MP selfie camera, 5.5 inch FHD AMOLED display and 4GB RAM. If you compare both the phones, Oppo F1 Plus has got much better reviews as compared to Sony Xperia Ultra XA.

So, what are the differences between the two?

If we compare both the phones, the screen size is more or less the same with Sony Xperia Ultra XA at 6.00 and Oppo at 5.50. Similarly, in RAM, Sony has 3GB and Oppo 4GB, not a huge difference. However, the internal storage of Oppo is 64GB while Sony settles at 16GB only. If we talk about cameras, as they are selfie phones, the front camera of both are same at 16 megapixel. But the rear camera of Sony is stronger at 21.5 megapixel and Oppo at 13 megapixel. Another plus for Oppo is the provision for dual SIM while Sony can manage only a single SIM. But Sony has a removable battery and Oppo doesn't. 

So, which one is for you?

It definitely looks like Oppo has much more to offer as compared to Sony Xperia Ultra XA. The final decision comes with the price, At the moment, Sony is priced at 28,499 while Oppo is priced at 25,998. Both the phones are stylish and great as selfie cameras. What is your preference, share your thoughts with us.