Microwaving your frozen food or heating the cooked food in microwave on the go has become a norm in our daily lives. Frankly speaking, microwave ovens are a blessing in today’s fast paced lives of bachelors or newlywed working couples. But, do you ever consider what these waves are doing to your food, body and health? Here are a few scary facts about microwaved food that will make you think twice about using that small appliance in your kitchen again.

Microwaves zap food nutrition

Heating food in microwave ovens strip away its nutritional value. What might look like a healthy serving of proteins and vitamins is actually dead food, devoid of all nutrients due to the dialectic heating of microwaves.


Microwaves destroy the nutritional value of Breast Milk

The common practice of using a microwave to heat frozen human milk for convenience in child intensive care nurseries destroys the powerful bacteria fighting agents present in it. Needless to say, it is harmful for the growth and development of infants.


Microwaves create carcinogens in food

The plastic containers used to heat food in microwave ovens release carcinogens and other harmful toxins after coming in contact with the microwaves. These toxins get absorbed by the food and later by your body.


Microwaves can change the structure of your blood

Consumption of too much microwave heated milk and vegetables leads to the decrease in red blood cells and increase of white blood cells along with cholesterol levels.


Microwaves change your heart rate

The changes 2.4 GHz radiation emitted by microwave ovens cause to the heart rate are within safety guidelines, but you might want to discontinue eating microwaved food if you consistently experience irregular heart beat or chest pains.


Author’s Name – Saksham Gaur

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