How To Make Your Gmail Account Work For You

We're sure you have a gmail account. Everyone does it seems. What many don't know however is that there are apps and extensions that can be plugged in to Gmail to enhance and improve its features. Take a look at these Gmail tools and we are sure you will definitely install a few of them. 

1. Send from Gmail

One of the many ways that Gmail has reduced work for you, is through 'Send from Gmail'. How this works, is when you come across an email id and you need to send out a mail, all you have to do is click on it and a compose box opens from your Gmail account. 

2. Boomerang

This comes like a browser extension and it has been made for Gmail. This makes it possible for you to type out an email, and have it sent from or returned to your inbox for you, later. After scheduling a mail 'send time', all you need to do is sit back and relax. 

3. Snooze your email

A lot like the previous tool, this allows you to postpone dealing with emails. This ensures that you are reminded again, at a later time, that there are new emails in your inbox for you to tend to.

4. Better Gmail

This allows you to further customize Gmail to remove settings you are unhappy with like chats, ads etc.

5. Meeting Scheduler

Will help coordinate timings to find a meeting time that is convenient for all the attendees – all, straight from your inbox.

6. Google Redesigned

Allows you to redesign your email to suit your personal preferences like, themes and colours, at your disposal.

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