Camping is fun, especially when done in the perfect weather and with your friends. With a long weekend coming up soon, the weather is perfect for a small camping trip. But before calling up your friends and getting all set, here are few things that you should keep in mind for the ultimate camping trip. 

1.Mason Jar Matches

Camping in hilly areas is not easy as the weather is moist and wet. So, this jar will keep your match sticks safe and dry. After all, you need a little bit of bonfire to scare animals and also stay safe in your tents.

2.Pack spices

Other than your ready to cook meals and Maggi it is good to carry simple spices with you. A bit of salt, pepper etc. can spice up some simple cooked meals also. 

3. Campfire coffee

You can't carry your coffee maker but a simple coffee and milk powder will give you that energy boost that is much required on a camping trip.

4. Sleeping bags

Sleeping bags are necessary for camping as they provide your back and body comfort. Also, you feel comfy and cozy as well.

5. Eggs

You may be thinking that eggs are so delicate, they will get crushed easily if you carry. But no worries, just take the whisked egg yolk in a plastic bottle and you will be all set.

6. Mosquito repellent cream or spray

You will surely need this for camping. Otherwise, you will have terrible mosquito bites.

7.Pack wisely

Always pack smartly. Think of the very basic necessities first and then move on to the bigger things. You may get stuck in odd situations and you need your supplies. A small medical kit is a must in your bag.