#FunFriday means the night for partying and you don't have to empty your pockets every week. Rather than fighting your way through overcrowded discs, here are some fun and completely wild party ideas that you can enjoy with your friends tonight. Honestly, they are much more fun than discos or driving back late at night.

1. The no cellphone party 

Yes, you are already nervous, right? So, the party starts with everyone’s cell phone getting locked in a closet. Once all the initial arguments about taking the last call and need to check the WhatsApp for one last time settle, move to drinks, laughter and long time due catching up. You can't imagine how things can change, once you start opening up. 

2. The workout party...no kidding!

Even if you are too tired after the long day, showing a few of your moves with your newly acquired toned body is a great party idea. The food can be themed around various protein shakes along with protein bars and salads.

3. The weirdo party 

Ask your friends to come wearing weird clothes. The idea is to look nerdy, geeky or anything they find weird. Now try to play the character you are dressed up like and of course the remaining can be managed with good food and drinks.

4. Playing dark room in party mode

This is a completely fun idea. All you have to do, is get it right. Remove all the light bulbs from the house and tell everybody to bring a torch. Look for your friends with a fun and grown up version of hide and seek.

5. The age old pajama party 

Pyjamas to a party ?? Sounds crazyyyyy. And would be so much fun! No stress of looking good, just feel comfortable and enjoy!

6. Playing monopoly in groups of four

The last time you actually played this game, you were possibly in school. So, let's play it all over again, but make it altogether more fun. You start by charging Rs. 5 for each invited guest. In exchange, they receive Rs.500 in Monopoly money when they arrive. The game moves on and in the end, the winner gets some real cash. You can take it out from the kitty that you collected when all guests arrived. 

7. Black tie and board shorts party 

Black tie from the waist up and beachwear from the waist down. Definitely a summertime hit, especially if a pool is accessible.