Facebook Messenger Copies Best Features Of Snapchat In Attempt To Maintain Supremacy

Just a month back, Facebook Messenger hit the mark of 1 billion users. From that time, till date, Facebook Messenger has been evolving and giving new things to its customers. Recently, it adapted one of the best and most popular features of Snapchat and it's all to do with user names. Let's check out what it means for you and I.

Something unique to identify with

Facebook Messenger is now going to provide a unique Messenger URL that will be based on the username. This URL will be linked with your FB account. However, you can keep any name for your Messenger and then communicate with that name. So, if you have used Snapchat, you'll know what we are talking about.

How does it help?

With this new feature, you'll now get a messenger URL that you can share with people, rather than they looking for your profile name. It gives a more organized way of handling the modern conversations. Also, people who are not your best friends, can also find your account easily now. Great feature for business and corporate people. 

Secret conversations feature also added

As the name suggests, everything remains a secret with this feature. So, right from the messages, photos and videos, shared between any two people remain between them. Simply put, this feature provides end-to-end encryption. So, even if the phone is hacked, no one will have access to the messages. 

Yes, this feature is also similar to Snapchat with encryption as a feature being borrowed by Facebook from Snapchat. 

So, why does Facebook keep copying Snapchat? The answer is more than obvious with the drive for the dominance of the social media segment on the world wide web. So, if Facebook offers everything Snapchat does, where will the users go, is more than given. 

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