What’s the first thing that you check once you get up in the morning, other than WhatsApp messages? Our guess, your Facebook feed. You want to know how many likes you have got on your last night selfie and what your boyfriend has been doing all this while. But once in a while in all the FB buzz, we feel it’s inadequate and mostly because of its limited status options. Yes, you also somewhat agree. Check out what we think Facebook needs to give serious consideration to.

1.No BF or GF since birth
They are the ones who are still waiting for that one guy/girl to walk in their life and change everything like a miracle. Well, till then Facebook, either stops asking or gets this option in the drop down.
2. Kinda Talking
3. In a love triangle
I am sure many of us are stuck in this position where you love someone and they love someone else. Sometimes you love two people or two people love you. Well, what sort of a relationship is that for you?
They are the ones who are still confused about their relationship status. Trust me, these people are confused about everything in life.
5. Forever Alone
They are the ones who want a boyfriend/girlfriend, but always do something that keeps them single. Bless their souls.
6. Best friends with benefits
The ones who are inspired by the movie ‘Friends with benefits’ and follow the new trend of having a wild relationship with their best friend.
7. Broken Heart
These are the people with a broken heart and now they don’t believe in love. Also, these are the ones who promote break ups.
Author: Palak Bhardwaj