Every Coffee Lover Needs To Know These Hacks

Coffee is the most awesome beverage that the world has given us! But sometimes, we miss upon the jar of the coffee and it gets a whitish layer on the top of it, so we throw it away. But now, we've got awesome hacks that you can do with the leftover coffee. Check them out here! 

1. Gardening Purposes

Coffee makes a great compost for your plants. Just mix some coffee with lime and wood ash and add to the soil, your plants will thrive well in it! 

2. Fridge Deodorant

Coffee is absolutely a saviour in this regard. You can win the smell of the refrigerator by placing some leftover coffee in it.

3. Hair Color

Coffee makes a perfect shade of hair dye. Get the natural brown shade you are looking for in absolutely negligible cost! Apart from imparting the perfect color, the richness of coffee will protect your hair from harmful chemicals and will also strengthen it.

4. Furniture Repair

You can use leftover coffee powder to renovate the cracks in your worn out furniture. 

5. Clothes Dye

Just like tea bags, coffee also lends itself to be a great dye color for all kinds of fabrics. The clothes will get a perfect vintage look after getting dyed. 

6. Natural Face Mask

Coffee is absolutely awesome for the skin. Being abrasive in texture, it is perfect for exfoliating the skin. Mix it with olive oil and soothe your skin with the mixture.

7. Flavored Ice Cubes

That's the best way to utilize the leftover coffee. Mix it well with water and freeze it to make flavored ice cubes. Add them to your favorite coffee shakes for a cool, energizing, mocha-flavored treat!

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