One of our favourite fantasies is going to Disneyland, at least once in our lifetime. For most of us, it is a long awaited dream and we wish to go sometime or the other. No matter, how close or far you’re from this dream, these pictures will make you simple and perhaps even push you to plan a trip sometime soon.

Beat the blues

The main street Beat the blues

You feel the moment of joy and pleasure, when you take the first few steps onto the magical main street. By gazing at those Walt Disney’s old buildings, you get thrilled and pumped for the elongated and mysterious day ahead.



Disney characters take your heart away Ringa-ringa-roses?

You’ve always watched them in the cartoons, wondered to touch them in real, but now that Mickey Mouse and the Donald Duck are circling around you. Such splendor is no other way.


Fun time

Rides for every kind Fun time

Who says you can’t enjoy in the old age? Come to the Disney world and see some phrases getting wrong. No matter how aged you are, you can have the most excellent time flying in a craft over London on the Peter Pan ride or going below the surface in a submarine finding as many Nemos as you can.


Magic in the air

The kid look Magic in the air

Remember that look you used to give by gazing at the fireworks?  Tears of joy come out of your eyes when you see the magical fireworks and listen to the superb jumble of all your darling Disney music.


Hello people *Giggles*

Disney world is the real stress buster Hello people *Giggles*

No matter, you are a Wolf of Wall Street, carrying the bags of work and tension on your shoulders. The ambiance of Disneyland makes you fail to remember all the stress and problems for the whole time you’re in there.


Wanna taste?

Junk is not unhealthy food to feel guilty about Wanna taste?

Who will be going to eat those sprouts? When there are scrumptious Mickey Mouse pretzels served in front of you.  There is no food unhealthy, but highly delicious here. So you can rest your diet for some days to lick those Donald face ice-creams.


What A place man!

Take endless pictures What A place man!

Capture the magic of the Disneyland in your camera.  Whether smile next to the Sleeping Beauty’s Castle or click some pictures at the entrance of the Disney Park, you always know you will snap cutest photos to tease your pals.


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Author’s Name: Pranay Gautam