You love traveling to new places, living in exotic locations and befriending nature. But are you a traveler or a tourist? Yes, both travel the world, both take pictures then why they are considered different? Well, there are a few things that set them apart. So, find out where do you fit in. 


1.Traveling Experience

For both of them, the experience of traveling is different. For tourists, it is mainly like a getaway from daily lives as they book a good luxurious hotel and look for comfort. But travelers live with the local people and explore every corner of the city on their own while not worrying about the comfort and seek the experience.

2.Time Difference

A tourist spends maximum 2 weeks at one place, but for a traveler, time has no boundaries. No, they are not hippies, they are the ones who just don’t want to limit themselves. They keep exploring every little thing.

3.Their schedules

For tourists, they like to plan everything like a good monument for their selfie or some famous places so that they can check-in on their social sites. But a traveler wants peace, he wants to explore the places which people have never heard of or spend some alone time with nature.

4.Their Lifestyle

After spending a whole day visiting famous places,tourists want to rest in their luxurious rooms. But for travelers, the journey is never ending. They don’t want a room full of comfort, but a nice scenic place to set up a tent.

5.The budget

A tourist saves all year and spends his money on a trip, but a traveler keeps it low budget as he keeps on doing it frequently. Maybe every month or twice a month.