How Much Do You Really Understand Your WiFi Connection?

We are all using WiFi and have our devices connected to one or the other connection round the clock. But do you consider it secure? Or do you simply not know and don't particlarly care. Well you should both know and care.

1. Wireless networks aren’t secure - Yes and No

You have already assumed the WiFi networks are not secure. Rather, you should ask, what is more secure. A secured WiFi connection is protected and you always require a PIN to access it. So, if you are outside, access WiFi that is protected and you can always secure your home network with a 2-7 digit code. 

2. Wired are better than WIFI - Technically Yes

When it all started, wired network was definitely the more secure option. The concept was based more on convenience and less on security. Networked Internet is only considered more secure as it is limited to the people who have access. Without a LAN you can't really access the Internet, which is not the case with WiFi.

3. You should Limit Your Router’s IP Address Pool - Yes

Every device you use has its own IP address and when you start using the device, it sends the IP address to the server. If you limit your router’s IP address pool, you will be able to keep the unauthorised device away from joining. 

4. The more the antennas, the more the speed - No

One of the biggest myths related to WiFi is the more the antennas, the more the speed. When it comes to routers, it’s not the number of antennas. If a router isn’t placed in an ideal location, then you are sure to get a coverage that a WiFi without antennas will give. It is almost same.

5. ISP cheating - Yes

Some people think that your IPS is cheating you against the amount you actually pay for the service. It is actually because wireless networks experience environmental degradation – mostly from the competing devices in the area.

6.Increasing the power means increasing transmit power - Yes

High power is good, but some people think a higher power is always good, which sometimes create a problem. It is important to keep the power low as decreasing the power might affect the coverage area. Spillage is not a real problem, though!

7. You can be invisible to hackers by hiding SSID - Hell No!

Many people think that hiding the SSID can help them to hide their network from hackers. Every wireless network has a name assigned to it in the form of a Service Set Identifier (SSID). Even if you lower the SSID, it still shows all the devices in range which can be easily identified.

8. Download & Install Firmware Updates Only When Your Router Isn’t Working Properly - Uhhh?

The truth is you should rely on this fact for some time rather than believing this to be a fix. It is said that you should download the updates when a router isn’t working properly because the chances of a hacker to get into your system is pretty low.

9. You can disable wireless security if you are using antivirus software - No, not at all!

Both are equally important. A firewall is an individual protection for any incoming threat to your computer. However, without a WPA2 this is only half protection. A wireless security protocol will secure the complete connection from any kind of hacking attempts and other malicious activities. 

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