If you’ve been lifting heavy weights, chances are you’re doing so to build bigger biceps. So for all skinny guys out there, here are four compound exercises, some of which do require machines, that will build big biceps and make you feel like The Hulk:

Rope bicep curls and triceps pull down

Use a rope and do at least 40 repetitions with light weight as going for heavy weight in this exercise is not advisable. This will end up warming you up and lubricating your joints as your blood will flow faster.


Bicep curls/triceps pull down 

These are similar to warm up exercises, but with heavier weights. Do heavy supersets and drop sets, which would give you a great workout. This exercise is a personal favourite of Sylvester Stallone, so add it to your bicep workout to get pumped up like Rocky or Rambo.


Dumbbell hammer curls

Do this exercise with alternate arms (each repetition). Lift heavy in each set and perform 4 sets with 12 repetitions each. This is the key to getting sleeve splitting arms.


Overhead dumbbell triceps extension

This exercise targets middle triceps which helps in overall arm development. Lifting heavy will help you to get horseshoe like triceps. Do 4 sets with 10 repetitions in each for optimum results.


Author’s Name – Pranay Gautam