The auspicious month of Ramadan has started, and as the festivities kick in, we can’t help but revel in the deliciousness of the crispy, melting, and simply delightful delicacies. From the fusions of Mughlai biryani, to the tingling sweetness of sewai, this is the time to savour them all. Fish out those forks and knives folks, as we tell you exactly what to dig in.

Nalli Nihari

Visit the joint Cheese-n-Grill, at Mohammad Ali Road in Mumbai, and lose yourself in the juicy meat, dipped in delicious curry, teasing your buds with its taste.


Chicken at Noor Mohammadi

If you are a non-veg lover, we urge you to pay this place a visit. Their Sanju baba biryani is particularly lip smacking, and is the favourite of Sanjay Dutt, hence the name.


Hyderabadi Shikampuri Kebab

This simply yummy dish is cooked on a heated stone, which gives this a smoking finish and flavour, that is simply delicious without a doubt.



If you are a beef-lover, this dish is a healthy variant for those who want to go the diet way. High on taste and low on calories, this is absolutely heaven.


Seekh Kabab

As the long and sleek forms get roasted and spiced up, our sense of taste and smell is heightened and treated to this one fabulous and traditional Eid and Ramadan dish.


Mutton/Gosht Biryani

What’s Eid without biryani? This aromatic and simply marvellous dish has been wowing our taste buds since times immemorial, and will continue to do so for years to come.


Achari Mutton

Mesh your favourite pickle with those juicy and tender mutton dish that you are preparing. The result is going to tease you in the brain and in taste.



This milky dessert just melts in your mouth, to give a sweet tooth. Our advice? Prepare it in advance and keep in the refrigerator. Serve it cool to just douse yourself in the cool taste.


Galawati Kebab

The soft and buttery texture, combined with the delightful taste that lingers on till you have taken your first bite.


Chicken Kofta

Let the rich and cashew curry with perfect spice and hints of sweet thrown, add some parathas to the combo, and the taste would just sweep you off your feet.


Mutton/Chicken Korma

One of the most authentic and aromatically satisfying dishes, is korma. Be it in chicken form, or mutton, this is something you can relish with rice or roomali rotis, whatever you feel like.


Suleiman’s Creamy Phirnis

Imagine phirni, but in a whole plethora of flavours thrown in, just as per your choice. Yes, you have come to the right place. Suleiman Usmaan is one place you must visit on one of the days of Iftar.


Ice creams of Taj Ice Creams

More than 120 years old, Taj Ice Creams in Mumbai have ice creams in every flavour imaginable. Do give it a try, post dinner.


Isn’t your mouth already watering? Ditch that diet now and dive headlong into the feast.

Ramadan Mubarak!

Author: Kadambari Srivastava

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