Online Dating Troubles That All First Timers Face

You have definitely been in one stage of dating or the other. But what about online dating? Have you tried that out. If it's going to be the first time for you, then you are bound to get into one of these stages. Want to know what I am talking about? Check it out. 

1. Yes! I can nail it like others

Learning about different dating platforms and signing up.

2. I can do it! 

Trying to learn the basics of that platform and make sense of their technology. 

3. Is she good? Is he bad? 

So, you are on the dating site, now you need to start looking out for a prospective date. 

4. One day, I will find my date! 

Using permutations, combinations and a zillion other mathematical equations and then shortlisting probable dates. 

5. Let's get an introduction

 Bold decision, but definitely worth taking a risk.

6. Will it be a yes or a no?

Waiting for a response with eagerness and loads of anticipation.

7. You nailed it but now a bigger crisis

Once confirmed, stalking your date's profile for hours. Want to know everything about him/her. 

8. Imagination runs wild

Imagining a hell lot of stuff about your date. Is he romantic? Is he a lunatic? 

9. Dress rehearsal

Choosing the right attire, rehearsing dialogues and hoping for the best. Getting ready for the big day! 

10. Oh! Crap it didn't work

If all of it doesn't work, go back to step 1. Afterall, it is just a matter of a date! Real love will eventually find you.

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