10 Indian Origin Actors Making Waves Abroad

dev patel

We Indians are pretty crafty, and our artsy nature is pretty evident, wherever we go. Indian actors are not only taking Bollywood by storm, but there are many actors of Indian origin too, who are rocking other foreign industries with their oomph and talent. Recently we took a look at the actors of foreign descent who have made waves here. So we thought it only fair that we take a look at some of the divas and hunks of Indian origin who have got into the cinematic industry abroad and won hearts and laurels alike.

Freida Pinto

The dusky beauty shot to fame with the movie Slumdog Millionaire, and is still reigning hearts with her performances. Pinto has many accolades to her name and is an active name in the list of activists for humanitarian causes.


Kalpen Suresh Modi

More popularly known as Kal Penn, he is best known for his hilarious portrayal of Kumar Patel in the comic series Harold & Kumar. Apart from that, this rib-tickler is also a guest lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania!


Archie Panjabi


This stunning Brit actor of Indian origin has been nominated at Emmy’s and Golden Globes for her stunning performances, and has even won one. Her most notable performance has been that of Kalinda Sharma, in the show The Good Wife.


Dev Patel

He made his breakthrough in the Oscar winning Slumdog Millionaire, and has not looked back since. After winning various accolades for his debut performance as Jamal Malik, Patel continued his acting journey with movies like The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, its sequel, and Skins.



Known best for her role as Dr.Neela Rasgotra in the medical drama ER,and that of Jess in Bend It Like Beckham, this English actress of Indian origin went on to bag many major roles, and get accolades for it.


Jimi Mistry

Best known for his role in Coronation Street, Jimi has done many major roles in notable movies, and has appeared in various TV series’ and shows as well. He is quite a popular face in British cinema.


Naveen Andrews

This British actor is as versatile in his acting skills as hot he is in looks. Whether the portrayal of a jealous husband in Provoked, or as Balraj in Bride & Prejudice, or to a more intense one in Kama Sutra – A Tale of Love, Naveen has nailed them all, with finesse.


Indira Verma

A gorgeous blend of Swiss and Indian looks, Indira too is known for her intense portrayal of Maya in Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love. She has since then appeared in numerous films and TV series like Rome, Human Target, World Without End, and more recently Game of Thrones.


Ayesha Dharker

She is best known for an internationally award winning film The Terrorist, for which she was presented with The National Award. She has had many notable television roles in British TV series, two of them being Cutting It, and Life Isn’t All Ha HeeHee.


Kunal Nayyar


How can we forget Rajesh from The Big Bang Theory! This Brit-Indian actor and writer has been loved by all and sundry for the portrayal of the astrophysicist who has selective mutism which lands him  in awkwardly funny situations.


Well, this was our list of the Indian favs who are taking the west by storm. Know any other to add to the list? Do comment and let us know.

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