Want To Visit Mars Or Buy A House Here?

Just two days back, Elon Musk, SpaceX founder and CEO surprised the people with his innovative Mars colonization plan. His plan was simply about going to Mars with lot of people, coming back to Earth to pick more and gradually build a civilization there. Sounds like a Hollywood movie? Here's what that may just surprise you. 

The Interplanetary Transport System

Elon revealed its 'Interplanetary Transport System' called the Big Fucking Rocket aka BFR. The rocket will be 26,730,000 pounds of thrust at liftoff, 17m spaceship diameter, 12m rocket booster diameter, 122m stack height. The video shows that the spaceship will be parked in the orbit and BFR will return to the launchpad.

Warming up Mars planet

For making the planet habitable, Elon casually talked about warming Mars up. The plan is to cause the planet's ice to melt and release water vapor and hence create an atmosphere on Mars. This will make the temperature bearable and protect humans from all radiations. 

A trip to Mars equals a home in US

This is one of the most interesting parts of the news. A Mars trip will cost the same as purchasing a house in US, that's around $200,000. Keeping the current scenario in mind, it would cost approximately $10 billion per person. The hope is that with this big rocket, it would be able to transport 100-200 people, bringing the cost down significantly. 

This is not a tourist vacation

Elon here is not proposing a tourist vacation for the rich and the famous. What he plans is a self sustaining civilization in the next 40 to 100 years. He also added that it would take around 1000 ships to take lots of people to Mars. 

Reach Mars in 80 days

Further, elaborating his plans Musk said the the flight would take as little as 80-150 days. The vehicle will be reusable and to reduce the cost, the spaceship will refuel in the orbit. 

What's going to be the name of this spaceship

The very first SpaceX spaceship that will take humans to Mars will in all probability named, 'Heart of Gold', after the spaceship in Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’sGuide to the Galaxy. Elon stated, “I like that it’s driven by infinite improbability because our ship is also infinitely improbable". 

Even though this looks super exciting and loaded with possibilities, the question lies, do you want to go to Mars?

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