#ThingsIndianMuslimsDo and How Our Muslim Brethren Contribute to Making India What It Is

As someone who has always had very dear Muslim friends and who trained under a Muslim Ustad to learn some of the most beautiful bhajans in praise of Hindu gods that I have ever heard, I was a little apprehensive when #ThingsIndianMuslimsDo started to trend. I thought I would see much of the hate and vituperation that we see so much of on social media these days; instead I was pleasantly surprised. Though there was much that was hateful, there was much that was heartwarming as well and I learnt a few new things following the #ThingsIndianMuslimsDo hashtag:

Some tweets were about one of the most beloved Indian presidents ever

India’s missile man and president, APJ Abdul Kalam was brilliant, gentle, childlike in his curiosity and ability to connect to young people. At his passing, an entire country mourned, irrespective of religion, color, caste, creed or region.

Some tweets were informative: Suraiya Tayyabji designed the Indian national flag

In his book, The Last Days of the Raj historian Trevor Royle said that the national flag was actually designed by Badruddin Tayabji’s wife Suraiya Tayabji and was approved in July 1947.

Some tweets were simple; simply heartwarming

The first is a reiteration of being an Indian first before religious affiliation; the second a slice of Indian life where friendships, festivals, sweets and celebrations know no bar of faith and belief.

Tweets about awesome Indians

All of us Indians share the same communities, the same history, the same pride in our achievements, the same joys and sorrows.

Tweets also shared this story…

…About Param Veer Chakra awardee Havildar Abdul Hameed who, when Pakistani forces launched an attack on Indian forces in 1965 in the Khem Karan sector displayed extraordinary valour. He managed to destroy 8 enemy tanks and paid with his life. Today countless military roads, ‘dwars’, institutes and other army installations are named after this peerless soldier of India.

A few tweets about the silly stereotypes

So all Muslims eat only biryani and drink only Roohafza – some good natured ribbing and sniggering here as well.

Some tweets were nostalgic others told us about more facts

We know that it is often Muslim artisans and craftsmen who engage in creating idols of Hindu deities for festivals such as Durga Puja, Dusshera and so on. The celebration of Muslim festivals and the community’s sublime culinary traditions are other aspects that have mingled inextricably and become a part of what it means to be living in India.

Tweets also shared

….this article about the Muslim community in Vadodra, Gujarat.

Some tweets…

The emotion of being an Indian will always come first and that holds true for our Muslim brothers as well. 

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