Elon Musk Is Always In the News - For Some Good, Some Bad Reasons

Elon Musk is very rich and powerful. Among other things he is cofounder of PayPal, founder and CEO Tesla Inc., CEO and lead designer of SpaceX, conceptualiser of the Hyperloop and responsible for various hugely successful ventures. Legend has it that he had taught himself computer programming by age 10, so clearly he is also a brainiac with a devoted social media following. But he is also in the news for the wrong reasons at times.

He wanted to help

Remember the Thai cave rescue? Musk had famously offered to help the authorities with their rescue mission. He had various innovative; not necessarily realistic ideas to share.

But then got into some mud-slinging

One of the divers actually involved in the rescue mission, Vernon Unsworth said in an interview that Musk’s rescue offers, including his rescue submarine were just a PR stunt; that he could “stick his submarine somewhere it hurts”. Now this may be uncalled for, but what Musk said in response was even more so: he called Unsworth a ‘pedo’ (pedophile) without any basis for such an assertion.

He was unrepentant

Musk has a huge following on Twitter, so obviously what he says counts for a lot. Calling someone a pedophile and sticking to that position based on some wild assumptions seems to smack of egotism.

He went on!

Musk was a bit like a dog with a bone; he just wouldn’t let go! He challenged Unsworth to sue him for defamation; bizarrely alleging that the lack of legal action pointed to Unsworth’s guilt! He made more wild allegations about Unsworth living in a part of Thailand ‘renowned for child sex trafficking’ and taking a ‘child bride’ who was ’12 years old at the time’.

He is now being sued

After practically begging to be sued, Musk was sued by Unsworth in an LA court on 17 September 2018. The suit seeks $75,000/- in damages as well as an injunction to prevent Musk basically from shooting his mouth off any further.

Then he did this

He smoked pot on a live podcast… not illegal where he was, it must be clarified. This didn’t stop Tesla stocks from dipping however and calling into question Musk’s erratic behavior and his ability to lead his various enterprises efficiently.

He also announced a trip around the moon

Musk clearly has an eventful life. Within the same 24 hours as he was publicly sued for defamation, he also announced a trip to the moon. He announced that his company SpaceX would be flying Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa (and perhaps Musk himself) as the first ever private tourist to the moon. He also said that the voyage would also carry 6-8 artists such as sculptors, painters, architects and film directors along on the week-long trip that would take place in 2023.

This is probably why his followers love him!

He lives this larger than life sort of life. He has grand; some would say grandiose designs and isn’t afraid to put his money where his mouth is. He expresses amazement that there are no space stations on moon even in 2018; and promises to do so himself. The idea of a ‘multi planet civilization’ and about extending ‘life beyond earth’ has so fascinated so many of us, that a man who speaks authoritatively about making this happen is going to inspire devotion…no matter how strange or erratic his recent behaviour may be.

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