Amazon Go Announced In The USA, And We Hope It Comes To Demonetised India Soon

The world’s most advanced shopping technology is here – Amazon Go was launched recently and is set to revolutionise the way we shop. This is shopping as we’ve never known it: shopping without lines, without check outs and very importantly, without cash! In these days of cashlessness (yes I know that is not a word) this sounds really good!

What is Amazon Go?

If you don’t like the idea of shopping online and prefer the bricks and mortar setup, this one is for you. The customer can simply walk in, pick up stuff they need and walk right out. Though you do need an app on your phone, an Amazon account and of course your credit card.

How does Amazon Go work?

As this video demonstrates, there are no check out registers. You are automatically billed for what you buy. The system works rather like a self driven car; using deep learning, sensor fusion and computer vision. What you put in your cart is kept track of… even when you change your mind.

When can you and I visit an Amazon Go store?

As of now, the first store it slated to open in Seattle, WA in early 2017. Groceries, ready to eat meals, cheese, chocolate and staples from known and local brands will be available. About 2000 stores across the US are planned.

No checkout lines

When a customer enters and leaves the store, this is sensed by the system, as are the items they take out of the store with them. This obviates the need for a checkout clerk, registers, physical billing and waiting.

Amazon Go in India?

As for when this technology is likely to lap our shores in India; there is no info yet about this. But things being what they are right now, it could be a godsend for those poor harried souls living their lives in queues right now. Not only is there no need to pay cash at a real store, there is no need to wait in line and then wait some more while your purchases are billed and payment made.

So what is the catch?

Its like that old Police song… Every breath you take, every move you make… I’ll be watching you. your every move in the store would be watched, listened in on and remembered. That is a scary amount of surveillance to undergo just to pick up some eggs and bread! Your vital stats and even skin tone is picked up! Creepy? A little!

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