All You Wanted To Know About ISRO's Latest Launch

The Indian Space Research Organization or ISRO is constantly doing things to make the Indians proud. ISRO manages to do things at a fraction of a cost as other countries; to function with fewer resources as well; facts that regularly amaze the world; facts that now cause other countries to approach the Indian organization to launch satellites for them. Yesterday's launch of an amazing 8 satellites was latest in a long line of recent ISRO achievements.

8 satellites, a 2 orbit manoeuver

Yesterday, ISRO’s PSLV SCATSAT-1 was launched from Sriharikota carrying eight satellites. While this is significant enough, the fact that this was a twin orbit manoeuver made it even more significant because currently few nations have this capability. The launch yesterday dropped one Indian weather satellite at a 730 km altitude and the other seven at a 689 km altitude.

This was ISRO's longest mission

Spread over two hours and fifteen minutes, this mission will facilitate cyclone detection, weather forecasting and tracking services. The PSLV (Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle) launch was a continuity mission for Oceansat-2 scatterometer launched previously.

The launcher carried 3 Indian and 5 foreign satellites

There were three Algerian satellites, one Canadian and one from the United States on board the launcher. The mission was a 100% success.

One satellite was made by IIT Bombay students

One of the satellites launched was that of IIT Bombay students. Conceptualized by Saptarshi Bandyopadhyay and Shashank Tamaskar, the launch was the culmination of the dreams of at least seven student batches.

Previously 20 satellites were launched in a single mission

Earlier this year, ISRO had launched as many as 20 satellites in one mission.

India’s commercial trade programme is thriving

ISRO manages to maximize returns on the costs incurred by launching satellites for other countries as well. Excess space left over when launching Indian satellites is used to launch foreign satellites and earn some foreign exchange as well.

79 satellites for 21 different countries

India has launched 79 satellites for 21 different countries including Germany, Canada, the UK, USA, Singapore and many others.

Launch hailed universally

The Indian President Dr Pranab Mukherjee congratulated the ISRO team on this achievement and Prime Minister Narendra Modi added his thoughts and commented on how our space scientists keep scripting history.

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