Things Your Mom Never Told You

Being a mother is about doing what you have to do, without making too much of a song and dance about it. Maybe she did, but maybe she didn’t tell you about how long labor was, the terrible morning sickness she had before you came along and about all that she endured. Sure, motherhood is about sacrifices but it is also a whole lot of fun! A mother maybe nature's most incredible, protective, selfless and loving creation but she is also a badass!

She cried too

You cried the first time you went to school. What she didn’t tell you is that the separation anxiety was even worse for her. She went back home and allowed herself the luxury of a few tears (she wasn’t going to make a scene at school!).

She learned on the job

She didn’t know how to be a mother; even with help from the trusty Dr. Spock book! She was afraid of making mistakes, doing things wrong. She did it all by trial and error but she made sure that you never knew it. And look! You turned out OK!

She was more afraid

Remember how scared you were the first time you rode the cycle without trainer wheels or the first time you jumped into the deep end of the pool or when you lost sight of her at the mela for a few moments? Well, she held her breath too – but no one whooped louder with joy when you did it right!

The sleepless nights never stopped

At first she couldn’t sleep because you wouldn’t. Then she couldn’t sleep because of that nagging cough or because the fever wouldn’t come down. Then she couldn’t sleep because something had upset you. Then she couldn’t sleep because you had to go away to hostel. What she hasn’t told you is, one day she is going to get a lot of satisfaction when your kid does to you what you did to her!

She didn’t know

When you came to her with the problem you had with a classmate, she didn’t know what advice to give you. When you asked her to solve a difficult math problem, she didn’t tell you she had no clue because she hated math too. The fact is she didn’t have all the answers, but she made sure that you always (mistakenly) believed that mummy knows everything – a fiction she worked hard to maintain!

She wanted that last piece

When you picked up that last piece of cake from the dish, you didn’t realise you’d taken her share (She forgave you, but then she went right to kitchen and got herself another piece). There were numerous other occasions she gave up things because you wanted them, simply because seeing you enjoy something gave her more joy!

You hurt her terribly

When you pushed away the food she had so lovingly cooked. Or when you compared her unfavorably with your friend’s mother. But she also knew that she had to do what she had to do even when you said ‘I hate you’. She knows sometimes love has to be tough love – and you thank her for it now!

Maybe there is something you haven’t told her?

Have you told her some of the important stuff that you should? Such as ‘thank you’, or ‘I love you to the moon and back’? Maybe you can say what’s in your heart this Mother's Day. If you can’t figure out what to say and how, get some help with these Archies Mother’s Day gift ideas: a mug that says “Love you Mum!” to her each morning, some jewelry that tells her you know what she likes, a cake or some chocolate (to make up for a few of the times she gave you her share), a bottle of messages for mom or just a greeting that says what you cannot put into words!



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