Friends To Partners: Why This Is A Fool Proof Formula For Marriages

One of the biggest discussions in India just as you hit college is marriage. Whether it is coming from your mother, aunty or a long distance relative who has not seen you in last 15 years, marriage is on the cards. And one of the best shots to a happy ever after life is, marrying your best friend. Done it all, seen all and been there, is the simplest way to answer... why. But if you still need some strong reasons, here are some. 

1. It's so easy to talk

You can chat with your buddy for hours and you really don't filter information. That is the kind of comfort level you need with your partner. 

2. Inside jokes

You can crack jokes without being judged. From vulgar to lame jokes, you are free to share them all with your best friend. Married life becomes so much simpler when you can laugh like there's no care in this world.

3. Choices

You really skip the adjustment phase, at least with your partner. You know with the person is like and what to expect. No wrong expectations and no high promises to live up to. 

4. Be yourself

A newly married couple will always try to impress one another and then it becomes an expectation in the marriage. Sadly, this image soon fails and then trouble sets in. But your friend knows you and accepts you like that. So, you can just be yourself and enjoy the best moments of life. 

5. Fun

When your best friend is your hubby, you can do some child like things together, no matter what. As best friends, you’ve actually already done some pretty childish things together. You can continue doing them and there is no embarrassment factor involved.

6. Honesty

You don’t need to worry and doubt your partner because you both can read each other’s mind. You can understand each other’s feeling just through faces and words aren’t needed. Best friends tell each other the truth and trust one another more than anyone else.

7. Solve the conflicts

Solving your conflicts in no time is one among the many perks to marrying your best friend. You can stay angry with others for days and months, but getting mad over your best friend for a long period of time isn’t your cup of tea.    

8. Honest feedback

You have stayed honest and loyal through your friendship period, and you promise to continue the same. Your best friend will always give you honest and constructive feedback and will make sure you improve in your work the next time. 

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