Love or Hate the Dubai Heat – You’ll Love These Tweets!

Sometimes the news about heat in the UAE tends to be a little exaggerated. But everyone who lives here knows that the heat can be really brutal. It can sap one's energy and make it seem like one was living in a sauna. If you feel like this, some of these tweets and memes will ring a bell:

35 degrees…

…In the middle of the night! Most people would think that 35 degrees is a hot day…until you realise that this is the middle of the night… which is supposed to be the coolest part of the day!

Poor expats!

Back home they have to deal with shoveling the snow off their driveways presumably. Here in Dubai they have to wipe of eye glasses that get steamed each time one leaves an A/c room!

It hits us all!

Of course the heat hits people from cooler countries like a battering ram. But it can be as brutal for the locals! Who can get used to these temperatures!

He says he loves it!

Is he being sarcastic? This tweet is by someone who describes himself as a ‘global DJ’; and tweets a photo that says it’s too hot; the iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it!

This is definitely sarcasm

No doubts about this tweet; the phrase ‘mouthful of wet sandy air’ is literally dripping with sarcasm.


People are happy if they have a job that requires them to be in the A/c all day. Others are less fortunate however – just walking out of doors these days is like an extreme sport!

Heat and the humidity!

Many of us can take the dry heat but we tend to wilt in the humidity. There were reports of 100% humidity in Dubai recently… whoever heard of a humid desert!


…Sometimes we just don’t like to talk about it.

That love hate relationship!

When you come into the a/c after the terrible heat, you give blessings to the inventor of this marvelous machine. But that same a/c can get uncomfortably cold in the night – amirite?

Some just tough it through!

These ladies are obviously not going to let the grim summer tie them down. They’re doing that they need to; regardless of the heat and the humidity. The saving grace is that many of Dubai's hotspots are now reopening their doors and many establishments are offering discounts and freebies to tempt people in; to soothe nerves frayed by the extreme heat! Maybe taking advantage of these will make the heat seem less extreme?

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