Feminism vs Feminazism – The New Battle Within The Sexes

Feminist FC

Off late, feminism has been under attack left, right, and centre. Well, after some well-known cases of misusing laws in its name, we really can’t complain about the resulting mistrust. Anyhow, we are here to tell you the difference between “feminism”, which is an actual word, and “feminazism” which is a term for all those who are doing weird stuff in the name of good ol’ feminism. So peeps, tie your reading belts tight, and get on this ride to know, that feminism ain’t bad at all.

Equality v Superiority

Feminism is all about equality. There are ladies who advocate superiority of women, reservation, and all that shit. Nope, that is just a reverse case of patriarchy that will bring us back to square one. You are a feminist if you believe in equality of genders, otherwise not.

Benefit of Doubt

The real feminist gives men the benefit of doubt, if a news appears accusing them of committing a crime. The word “alleged” has been coined for this exact purpose. It is still innocent until proven guilty, not the other way round. After women have been called the ‘weaker sex’ or ‘fairer sex’ as well and didn’t make them weak or fair.

The Other Side of the Coin

The real believer in equality is aware that women are not the only ones who can become victims of rape, abuse, and domestic violence? If you believe that, you are definitely not a feminist. These crimes can happen to any human being, and you cannot deprive them of justice, just because they are men.

Give them a hand and walk with them

We all have men in our lives, and it certainly not that we can live our lives alone. Face the fact, men and women complete each other. There is absolutely no pride in saying that I am strong so I don’t need anyone in my life. Being alone or hating men, does not make you a feminist, but being together and working equally to set a perfect example of equality? That, is what makes you a feminist.

Don’t be too quick to judge

One accidental shove instigates one tight slap. It shouldn’t unless you have reason to believe that the shove was in purpose or the apology was served with a cunning smile. Not all men are perverts, and the logical feminist knows that.

Feminism is not about hating men. Instead, it is about working towards eradicating the stereotypes that hurt both the genders. Be a feminist, and be proud about it!


Author: Kadambari Srivastava

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