#Trideviyaan Ruins Women's Empowerment In India And May We Just Say Yuck!

The new show #Trideviyaan which will air on SAB TV from this month is the clear example of rampant sexism under the name of misguided and misunderstood feminism and womens empowerment! The show is about three secret agents, but since they are Indian women, they operate out of the kitchen. The Internet went crazy over it ever since the promo has been released. Check out the details ahead!

1. The Trideviyan

Featuring Aishwarya Sakhuja, Samaira Rao and Shalini S Sahuta in the lead role, this new show is all about what's really wrong with the understanding of feminism and women's empowerment in India. They play the roles of undercover agents, but well, since they are "bahus" first, and agents second, they have to operate from their kitchen!

2. Spies In The Street, Sanskari In The Sheets?

To make things worse, even the tagline of the show is, “Ghar bhi sambhale, aur desh ke dushmano ko bhi.” The twitterati went c-r-a-z-y over this sexist show and lashed out their anger on the social media! 

3. Their Weapons? Kitchenware!

Yes, they get the weapons of their choices, whisker, roll pin and forks! Yeah, that's what you need while you're at the streets fighting up with the "desh-ke-dushmans"!!

4. Twitter Audience Lashing Out

Amogh Ranadive was completely honest while giving his viewpoint on the show on Twitter, "When you believe in women empowerment but have a target audience to cater to"!! Well, true that! 

5. The Reactions The Show Received

The show is not yet released, but it has already gained so much attention, not a positive one though! Across the social media platforms, people were outspoken about the funny side of ignorance of understanding the core issues of women empowerment and feminism! 

6. An Utterly Sexist Promo

An aadarsh bahu has to put the diya along with the incense stick near the Tulsi and pull off her real work underneath! She cannot really tell the people at the about what she does! Not sexist at all?!

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