Things That 'Dear Zindagi' Taught Us That Would Delight You

‘Dear Zindagi’, a film so talked about is not just one of those that you can watch over and over again and still would not say no when asked for another round, but is also one of those that penetrates so much into your thoughts that you start to relate your life to the instances in the movie. That one heartbreak, the last time that you cried, the first time you expressed your true self to someone other than yourself, the time you did not regret what you had done out of your own will; everything that relates you to the characters in the movie and makes you say, ‘Love you Zindagi!’

Completely flattering and enthralling its audience worldwide, the movie not only presents the best of SRK and Alia Bhatt but also brings you some beautiful lines to help you loosen up a little and take it easy.

1. Past should definitely be always be in past. Left and not be disturbed!

Well, truly enough! Why should we let our past haunt us and destroy our present and future completely! 

2, Crying is no sign of weakness.

Inhibitions and stigma around crying as a sign of weakness should be the first thing to get off! 

3. To love completely you need to first learn to express it completely.

Expression of your emotions in a complete sense is a pure must! One should learn to love and to express it equally well!

4. Take it easy pal!

Life is no rocket science to get all serious and boring while living it! Take it a bit easy, enjoy every moment. Most importantly, LIVE IN THE MOMENT! 

5. Do not fear the puzzles life throws at you!

Why do we find it difficult when it comes to our own lives? Wasn’t it a cake walk during games we played?

6. Never limit yourself!

When you try to limit yourself while restricting yourself from doing something that makes you happy, it's then that your inner self begins to hate you! So, don't! 

7. Know yourself first and the world would love to know about you!

It is important to realize the potential you have within you! It's extremely essential!

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