The Best Girl Friends Of Bollywood That It Captured Just Right

Bollywood has always been about celebrating relationships, but these movies are the clear examples that Bollywood has evolved a lot to reach a point where it celebrates the female friendship. While it has always celebrated male friendship or bromance, celebration of a female friendship is a new thing!

1. Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

The bond of Aditi and Naina is truly sparkling. A perfect ode to the best friends that we make at random places and keep them for life. Naina and Aditi stand by each other throughout the movie to prove every naysayer who says that one cannot make good friends in adulthood wrong. 

2. Dor

Dor is one movie that has portrayed the female bond in the most mature way! The movie shows us how women can extend their unconditional support to bring down the rigidity of patriarchal society. 

3. Chak De India

Chak De India, a sporty film that was more about respecting each other, standing by each other and complimenting each other's effort to win a battle against something that has always been bullying you. The close knit friendship shared by the ensemble of the team is arguably the most progressive one! 

4. Angry Indian Goddesses

The first Bollywood movie that was completely based on the life journey of a girl-gang, this movie shows different hues of female friendship. 

5. Lajja

This 2001 movie was way ahead of its time while dealing with some of the most progressive issues like honor killing, female foeticide and dowry killings. Apparently, there was no close bond for which the movie can be remembered, but the way women collectively have helped other women grow and move ahead together is incredible. 

6. Parched

The most recent addition to this list will be the controversial movie, Parched. The movie revolves around these women from a rural village of Rajasthan who are all but the cliched "Gaon ki Goriyan". The relationship they share to fight back gender politics, patriarchal norms, and misogyny in their village to sustain is quite impeccable.

7. Queen

Arguably, it is the most empowering movie of the Bollywood. A girl who battles with her life all alone and is supported by another woman in her course. Vijaylaxmi (Lisa Haydon) and Rani (Kangana Ranaut) share a close bond of relationship and while making each other's life a better one, they learn a lot from each other as well.

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