'Queens Hain Hum' May Just Be A Desi Version Of 'Sex And The City'

Bored of all the saas bahu and the naagin sagas that are a part of your drawing room every evening? Queens Hain Hum, a brand new television show is all set to give you a fresh breathe of air! It premiered yesterday and, this show is already compared to Sex and the City. But is it all just hype or the real thing? Let’s find out!

Premieed on 28th November

The show premiered yesterday, 28th November at 8p.m on &TV  and the concept behind the show is one step bolder than what we saw with Zee’s show Kitty Party.

About Queens Hain Hum

The show revolves around the daily life of five friends who form a unique club where they can chill and enjoy their life, away from family and work. It is based in Delhi and viewers will get a sneak peek on what women face every day.

Are the stories same?

We have seen the interlinked stories of the women in Sex and the City, their trials and tribulations and have been a part of their happiness and sorrow. Queens Hain Hum seem to tread on the same path as the television ads do give a subtle hint at that.

Adhering to the tagline

Bold thodi zyada hai, sharmati thodi kam. Real thodi zyada hai, fake thodi kam-the show’s tagline itself speaks up for itself. May not be a direct rip-off of Sex and the City, but the show has got similar elements for sure.

Fresh and bold concept

Indian television is known for its over the top and rather stereotypical concepts but this show is definitely coming out with something fresh that viewers would definitely love to watch. The show talks about women's empowerment and other bold concepts. 

Happy with the comparison

Bhavna Pani, playing one of the queens on the show is happy to be compared with a cult series like Sex and the City. In a recent interview, she quipped that she is happy on being compared with Carrie’s role in the series but all that is similar between both the shows is their depiction of a liberal independent Indian woman. 

Meet the five Queens (the Indian ones)

Bhavna Pani is the Beauty Queen, Patrali Chattopadhyay is Queen Jhansi, Shaily Priya Pandey is the corporate Queen, Kenisha is the kitchen Queen and Jia Shankar is the Bold Queen here! Pretty and bold, we are hoping that the show will be successful and stay on air for a while, without becoming a drag.

We are waiting for the Queens to come and rule our television screens!

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