After Boxing, Athletics And Cricket, Finally A Biopic On Indian Football Legend V. P. Sathyan

He lived an inspiring life, encouraging hundreds and thousands in India to take up Football, a sport often marginalized in front of the harrowing popularity of Cricket. He died sadly at the young age of 41. V.P. Sathyan continues to be the soaring enigma and Football legend that sadly not many know of in India. But his inspiring story and Football legacy won't be stranger anymore as it has just been announced that a biopic on the former captain of the Indian National Football team will be released. Here's what you need to know:

1. Finally a film on a Football legend in a country ruled by Cricket

Cricket Biopics seem to be the order of the day. Azhar got one. Sachin did his own. We saw and admired MS Dhoni's untold story, interestingly while he is still around and hitting lofty sixes. It was about time that someone did something for a Football star as great and audaciously courageous as V.P. Sathyan. And finallly, the time has come!

2. The legend from Kerala who garnered nation-wide respect in Football

Vatta Parambath Sathyan established Kerala's credentials solidly in the football landscape of India. Before he took over as the captain of the national football team, VP Sathyan helped Kerala strengthen it's backbone in football and rose to prominence for his determined and courageous display of skills in the strenuous contest of skills.

3. A Football mad state that achieved so many highs thanks to Sathyan

V.P. Sathyan did to Kerala what the likes of Dhoni did to Ranchi in the cricket loving state. He created a steely spine of the state mad about Football and even led it to astonishing victories in 2 Santosh Trophies and 2 Federation Cup wins. The movie on VP Sathyan's life, Captain, will attempt to capture these milestone moments from the man's journey.

4. A toughie and a gifted centre-back

One of the great strengths that made V.P. Sathyan a revered name in Football was his ability to read the sport like  an open book, always aware of the strengths and complexities of the game from his position as a centre-back. The film starring popular Malyalam actor Jayasuriya will look to showcase the glorious abilities of this gifted Footballer.

5. An actor celebrated for his nuanced roles in Southern movies at the helm

Jayasuriya is as talented and versatile as they come. An accomplished actor who has starred in around 80 movies is regarded for his intelligent and cerebral display in many a wonderful movies. And he is expected to recreate the V.P. Sathyan magic in perhaps his most challenging role till date. All await the release of Captain.

6. A role that excited the experienced Malayalam star

Jayasuriya recenty told a media channel that the moment the director of the film, Prajeesh Sen told him about the story of the movie, he was instantly excited and assured of his involvement in the inspiring project. The film is slated to be made at an astonishing budget of 10 crores, a pretty substantial amount for a sports biopic in India. 

7. Indian Football stars deserve more credit than they get

Some of the greatest legends in life often go uncelebrated. But thanks to the wonderful initiative by Goodwill entertainment, the production house responsible for taking VP Sathyan's life to the big screen, for a change, Indian audiences will have access to an unsung heroes life; his story, his journey and his challenges. 


Sadly, the man who represented the national team representing at the SAF games in Dhaka,1985 and one who represented the country at the Nehru Cup and in the Seoul Asian Games, committed suicide at the young age of 41. It turns out, there were financial reasons attributed to his ill-fated death.


Maybe 'Captain' will shed more light on the hurting matter and press the country to extend more support to super-talented athletes such as Sathyan so that such a monumental loss may be avoided in future. In it, will be India's redemption in Football.

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