First Look Of Arjun Rampal Starrer 'Daddy' Is Out

It has been a year since Arjun Rampal made an appearance on the silver screen. However, towards the year end the actor has grabbed a few great roles which will allow him to survive in the industry. The actor would be seen with Vidya Balan in Kahaani 2 and it is his physical appearance, which allowed him to bag another film which is expected to score big in box office.

Daddy, a biopic

Thanks to the physical appearance of Arjun Rampal which allowed him to bag the role in Daddy, a biopic. Daddy is a biopic on gangster-turned-politician Arun Gawli. 

Arun Gawli was nick named Daddy

When the biopic of Arun Gawli was named Daddy, there were a questions that came to mind. The fact is Arun Gawli was referred to as Daddy because he was considered the Robin Hood of his chawl.

Arjun Rampal as a lead role

According to directors, the biopic of Arun Gawali was in their minds for a long time but they failed to pick up an actor who would resemble the infamous don. However, due to similar resemblance of Arjun and Arun Gawali, the don from Chinchpokli, Mumbai allowed the directors to cast him for the role. 

Arun Gawli in real life

Arun was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2012 as he was proved guilty of murdering a Shiv Sena leader. According to director Ashim Ahluwalia, every aspect of his life would be reflected in the biopic. 

First look of Daddy

Arjun Rampal revealed the first look of Daddy on social media. He unveiled one of his looks from a small slideshow that shows the profile of the real Gawli fade into Rampal's portrait from the film. 

First teaser

Not only the poster, Arjun Rampal also released the first teaser of Daddy.  The teaser consisted the real Gawli's rusty voice. Going by the teaser, it looks like Arjun has done quite a fair job and many of us would be excited to give this biopic a watch.

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