Ariana Grande’s ‘Thank U, Next’ Happened Live on Ellen

Pop singer Ariana Grande came up on the Ellen Show to perform her new single Thank U, Next which is all about learning from one's mistakes, particularly the mistakes that are one's relationships. Here she thanks all her exes for teaching her about love, patience, pain; about how she spends more time with her friends now that the relationship is history.

Thank U, Next

She released the audio single on YouTube a couple of days before she performed the song on the Ellen Show. And we can reliably say that she wasn’t lip synching because she stumbled a bit, said “Oh my God” and then gave a little chuckle.

Ariana Grande tweeted this

She used images from the iconic romantic scene from the Julia Roberts, Hugh Grant starrer Notting Hill, to tweet this.


People were trying to guess which ex Ariana Grande was speaking about with what context. Apart from her music, her turbulent and sometimes tragic love life is what she is known for. People are wondering who taught her about love, patience and pain. 

Love, patience and pain

The lyrics of the movie inspired quite a meme fest. This tweet uses three stills from SRK films to demonstrate the different aspects of a relationship.

The food analogy

The prawns inspire love, their deveining and peeling needs patience and at the end is the pain of an empty wallet apparently. Must have been some expensive prawns!

The cricket analogy

Here Rohit Sharma appears to inspire love, then demonstrates the virtue of patience and then experiences the pain of injury.

Demonetisation meme

There was a time when that one ghastly magenta two thousand rupee note was all we could get out of the ATM. We grew to love it. Rumours of a new 100 rupee note keep circulating but the note never seems to appear; which teaches us patience. And then perhaps there is the pain of a Rs 10 note not being able to buy anything much at all?

The Indian engineer

According to this tweet the most important thing an engineer learns is the art of jugaad.

GOT meme

Of course there is a Game of Thrones meme! Isn’t there always a Game of Thrones meme?

The political meme

Barack Obama is still beloved of the American people even two years after he demitted the office of the POTUS. His predecessor, George W Bush was known for his allegedly feeble intellect; ergo people would have learned to be patient with him.  But no one knew what real pain was until this guy showed up – and the words we thought we’d never hear – Donald Trump, POTUS  - became a horrible, unceasing reality.

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