Amidst India-Pak Fight, MS Dhoni: The Untold Story Gets Banned In Pakistan

MS Dhoni:The Untold Story is the latest victim of the India-Pak war of words. After the threats by MNS to Pakistani actors, it seems Pakistan, in a rebuttal, have decided to boycott MS Dhoni: The Untold Story. People have lots to say about these bans amidst these controversies. Let's take a look! 

1. The decision of Pakistani distributors

The Pakistani distributors have decided against releasing this Dhoni biopic in their country which sounds like a payback to the MNS banning Pakistani artistes in India.

2. The distributor's remark

Ahmed Rashid, the chairman of the IMGC Global Entertainment, a Pakistan-based distribution company says, “Amid current tension between the two countries, we have decided not to release the film.” Rashid adds Indian films contributes to business across the border and Pakistan is emerging as the third highest overseas market for Bollywood, However, the trade insiders said that, “This development (boycott of Dhoni) will affect the business”. 

3. The negative side

Saleem Khan, who has been in the business for years in Pakistan, says that he thinks there would not be a permanent ban, however, if this happens, cinema owners might have to completely wrap up their business or shut a few screens to cut costs. “We don’t produce enough films to sustain ourselves throughout the year. We need to produce at least over 50 films annually,” Khan said.

4. The petition at Lahore High Court

A petition is filed in the Lahore High Court on September 23, which sought a ban on Indian films until the Kashmir issue is resolved. The PIL was filed by lawyer Azhar Saddique and mentioned showing Bollywood movies in Pakistan will “hurt sentiments of the people in Pakistan and Kashmir”.

5. The video by Quint

The Quint released the video amidst all this controversy to raise the voice against the blame targeting. Like we have mentioned in the earlier post as well, things should be rather solved politically rather than dragging and attacking the artists. 

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