After Gupt Actor Bobby Deol, Now Ashmit Patel Will Be Trying His Hand At DJ'ing!

Who does not remember the last time Bobby Deol surfaced  and trended all over the social platforms. Almost everyone took to their social media accounts to "appreciate" Bobby Deol's skills of DJ'ing at a New Delhi club where people got so irritated when he played Gupt songs on loop that they requested for a refund! 

Now, Ashmit Patel will be joining the "once-an-actor-now-a DJ" club and people cannot control the adrenaline rush! But well, there's a catch this time! 

1. DJ Bobby Deol

The popular, but not-so-successful actor from the 90's of Bollywood re-surfaced the Internet when he decided to become a DJ. Well, anybody at any point of time can decide and change their aspirations and goals, that's no big a deal, but!

2. DJ'ing gone wrong

But well, his charm didn't work. He played songs from his own movie Gupt on loop only to be reprimanded by the audience. Clearly, nobody enjoyed the DJ night and looked forward to requesting a refund from the organizers!

3. The new dude- Ashmit Patel

Now it is the turn of Ashmit Patel to join this club. But, this time, the memes and jokes have surfaced even before his performance, which is quite rude. He has to face all the criticism. But that's not all. There's a great catch in this!

4. His Gig poster

Twitterati have not been too good to Ashmit and has already made a meme out of his Gig poster. 

5. The headphones be not that cool?!

Well, what more can be said apart from LET THE GUY PERFORM ONCE! 

6. The reactions from Twitteratis

They trolled Ashmit Patel for choosing to follow his heart, but he has his talent intact and even Salman Khan says that!

7. Salman appreciates Ashmit's DJ'ing skills

Yes, that's true! Even the bhaijaan of Bollywood had endorsed the DJ'ing skills of Ashmit Patel. This is not his maiden stint, he has already been DJ'ing for over a year now and only a handful of people knew about it. 

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