A Magic Trick Inspires the Invisible Sibling Challenge Online and It’s Hilarious!

Anything can go viral, right? Especially if it involves making a fool out of someone, people simply seem to love it! So Netflix has a new magic show on offer. It’s called Magic for Humans, a show by magician Justin Williams. He performs some very unusual tricks, including convincing people that they are invisible. One magic trick of his spurred a huge viral reaction.

Magic for Humans

Williams says after spending his life trying to master magic, he now wants to use magic to master the art of being human. His show is about conjouring, levitating, disappearing and a whole lot besides.

The disappearing trick

He first makes one guy actually ‘disappear’ and then convinces another that he has disappeared when in fact he is very much visible to everyone who is in on the trick. Some trick photography furthers the illusion.

The reaction

People found it all so hilarious that they decided to play the same prank on others; including the trick photography. It certainly got a lot of laughs… and a few slaps as well.

This is just cruel!

Older siblings, I tell you! This poor kid was convinced that he had been turned invisible and seemed to be completely traumatised!

This kid seemed to enjoy it… at first

He’s a little kid, so the novelty of supposedly being invisible seems to have really worked for him in the beginning. But watch when they try to bring him back and supposedly fail…

These two little girls hated it too!

Their two elder sisters (presumably) turned them invisible and the poor little girls are absolutely horrified that they cannot be seen anymore. The older siblings of course think it’s hilarious – horrid girls!

Did she do this to her own child!

This seems to be his mother here. Here again the little boy is amused with it all, until he sees the picture! Then he is terrified!

This one seemed to handle it well

In fact she took it as an opportunity to hit her older cousin. Smart!

Sometimes it doesn’t work

This is clearly one clued in kid. She's not falling for any of it and is very clear about why its all just a prank!

The drama queens

The older sister pranked her little sister and then went to great lengths to convince her that she’s become invisible. For her part, the younger sister had a very dramatic reaction to it all. The ‘return’ is as full of drama!

Another poor traumatised kid!

The poor, faithful dog is trying to comfort the poor kid... the dog being the only creature that seems to have any sense! The heartless parents think this is funny! The only takeaway from this is that being invisible is not funny. Each time we wished we could be invisible, we would have been pretty upset if our wish had come true!

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