5 Awaited Smartphone Releases In 2016


Smartphones have definitely taken over our lives and replaced a bunch of other devices we used. In the war of who is the smartest, price cuts have further aggravated the competition in the market. The best smartphone now is the one that can give the best and most features within a reasonable price slab. Take a look at the five best smartphones which give you a bang for your buck, and are worth the wait, in this new year of 2016.

Apple Iphone 7

Without a doubt, this one is going to be the most awaited, and the most coveted choice. For all the iphone lovers, the new series will be announced somewhere around September 2016. Though we were not that impressed with the 6S and 6S Plus versions, we are expecting that the 7th gen iPhone, with the rumoured features of A10 chipset, waterproof protection, and a longer battery life, to be a treat for those who are loyal brand followers.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Well, if Apple is launching a new model to set the tech market on fire, expect Samsung to be close behind. The last 6th Gen models of Samsung were quite interesting with all the tech innovation that they tried, even with all the flaws. If rumours are to be believed, the S7 is to have 4GB of RAM, with the internal storage that would be Sony’s expandable 23 MP IMX300 sensor. Also, S7 can have the edges too, though this time, on all four sides, with the 3D touch!

Asus Zenfone 3

When you take a look at the aforementioned models, those are mostly out of budget options for someone who does not wish to spend on brands. Fret not, Asus Zenfone have been quite successful this past year, and the latest to be launched in the series is Zenfone 3, which is bound to make waves in the niche of affordable tech, with a price below $400, and features like 4GB RAM, fingerprint scanner, and the likes.

Xiaomi Mi 5

Xiaomi phones had a great run in 2015, with an inexpensive price tag, and bang for buck features. The new in the series, Mi5, is to be launched in the year 2016, and given the past models, we are expecting this one to be a tech bomb as well. It will be packed with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and power-packed by Snapdragon 820 chipset. A 5.2-inch Gorilla glass display is in store, with 4GB RAM, Type C USB Port, and an even longer lasting battery. Quite something to look forward too.


To be honest, we never thought LG would make it to the list, given the brand has not been very impressive with its models, but if rumours are to be believed, this one launch can turn the game around for the brand in the cell phone market, in the year 2016. This one is said to be powered by Snapdragon 820 processor, with a 5.6 HD display, and a rear scanner! A 21 MP Rear, and an 8MP front facing camera is said to be in tow too. Well, we can’t wait to see what the actual model looks and feels like, post launch.

So, this was our list of the most awaited cell phones that are going to be launched in the year 2016. If you wish to replace your cell phone and did not do so last year, we say, 2016 is definitely the time.


Author: Kadambari Srivastava

Feature Image Source: http://www.phoneprices.in/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Samsung-Galaxy-S7-Review.jpg

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