The Disabled In India Cannot Visit Heritage Sites, But Change Is Coming And It Starts With Kochi

Kerala headlines almost every traveler's bucket list. From the backwaters to its sombre beaches, the state is famous for attracting visitors from across the world. Hence, to provide a comfortable stay to all the visitors, Fort Kochi, the historic town located in Ernakulam district, is all set to become the first disabled-friendly tourist destination in the state providing essential facilities for people with visual, hearing, cognitive and mobility impairment.

1. Fort Kochi soon to be disabled friendly

There will be specially designed ramps and non-slippery tiles in the walkways thereby providing help to elderly and disabled people who'll be visiting the site. 

2. Special iron handrains

The tourism ministry has announced that Chinese fishing nets, which is the most visited tourist attraction spots, will be cast with special iron handrails to assist the disabled and elderly.

3. Other facilities

Further, some other facilities like special toilets and seating arrangements will also be accommodated by the tourism board to make Fort Kochi a disabled-friendly area in Kerala.

4. Information centres

Furthermore, the board is also planning to launch information centres that will provide sign language training to the selected tourist guides and will also be coming up with sign boards to help the visually challenged people.

5. Kerala tourism Ministry's head speaks

While proving us with the insights about the whole plan, Kerala Tourism Minister AC Moideen said, "We are on the job to create basic facilities for leisure and recreation for people with special needs by December 3 in major destinations".

6. UNWTO's Mission

This is being done as a part of fulfilling the UNWTO (United Nationals World Tourism Organization) goal of "Tourism for All".

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