10 Cartoon Characters Every Generation Needs to Know

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As a child it is a different feeling altogether, the anticipation to reach home as fast as we could, so as to not miss the beginning of our favourite animation series. For the later generations there have been many kids channels, but for those who grew up in the 90’s there was only DD 2 and Cartoon Network. Despite there being so many options today, somehow childhood seems incomplete without kids knowing these 10 cartoon characters.

Scrooge McDuck, Duck Tales

This dude literally had a mountain of gold coins. We all wanted to dive into that pool of gold, and actually weaved dreams of what we would do with so much money.

Baloo the Bear, Talespin

Based on the original Baloo from The Jungle Book, his adventures were quite heroic as Baloo flew his beloved plane the SeaDuck. We all wanted to be a part of his adventures.

Ariel, The Little Mermaid

We had actually started to think that there was an alternate world beneath the cool blue sea and oceans, and were all very ready to explore it. Finding that perfect love was also on our minds.

Planeteers, Captain Planet and The Planeteers

5 Children were given special rings by Gaya the spirit of the Earth. How we wanted those rings, and the power to control one of the elements that power the earth. With their powers combined they could summon Captain Planet the greatest champion of good.

Dexter, Dexter’s Laboratory

A child scientist. We definitely wanted to be that brainy, but without DeeDee’s distractions, and somehow he made not having good looks, very cool. He made being a nerd and a geek the in-thing.

One of The Ghostbusters

Peter was a definite favourite. Imagine if ghosts actually existed. Those cool guns or Proton Packs that could stop a ghost in it’s tracks and the huge containment tank where the Ghostbusters stored all captured ghosts. Quite fascinating. Oh, and the cutest ghost pet, Slimer.

Velma, Scooby-Doo

Her brain that deduced the whole conspiracy bit by bit, at the end of every episode, was the best thing, after the accidental discoveries by Scooby and Shaggy. We would definitely want brains like her.

Jean Grey, X-Men: Evolution

Mutant powers and brains, with a whole lot of gorgeousness thrown in. No wonder the girls idolized her, and the boys were all in love with her. And what a pair she and Cyclops made! Sigh!

Wilma Flintstone, Flintstones

She was one perfect homemaker, who could do it all! We wish we were as efficient! And yes, the delicious food that she whipped up. Yumm.

Jerry, The Tom & Jerry Show

We wanted to imagine a small furnished house inside every mouse hole. What scrapes the two got into, and what laughs we had.

Who were your favourite toons of the time? Tell us in the comments below.


Author: Kadambari Srivastava


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